Search Crunchbase Advanced Search Try Pro clear away Solutions Products Resources Resources Pricing Log In Investor Investment Banks with Investments in London, England Save Summary Overview Number of Organizations   131 Investor Type   Investment Bank Location   London , England , United Kingdom CB Rank   4,586 Number of Founders   63 Average Founded Date   Dec 18, 1945 Percentage Acquired   5% Percentage of Public Organizations   37% Number of For-Profit Companies   75 Top Investor Types   Investment Bank ,  Venture Capital ,  Private Equity Firm ,  Government Office ,  Corporate Venture Capital Top Funding Types   Post-IPO Equity ,  Post-IPO Debt ,  Debt Financing ,  Venture – Series Unknown , what is the best investment company in uk   Grant Investors in this hub have released universitys into branches and online companies with secret headquarters found in London, England, United Kingdom; notable considerations and those found in London, England are also incorporated.
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