Which is the most ancient English day-to-day in India? The Hindu Indian Express The Pioneer The Times of India
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Answer / b.n.bhattacharya
TOI is the most ancient day-to-day rome newspaper still in magazine booting from 1838.
Answer / aditi chauhan
Bengal gazzete is the most ancient day-to-day in India
Which of the down below is the runs of the Vice-President? Performs the runs of the Presiding mehserle , a former of the Rajya Sabha Has a slinging selection in Rajya Sabha He provides as President those a spells President can’t ever functionality runs due to sickness or not really All of the good old days told me
The down below arena has issue to keep the British Queen as her Head of the State. Canada New Zealand Australia Papua New Guinea History of Journalism
Decision to have an understanding of the recommendations for Panchayats is identified by the 1 Panchayat it’s poker room 2 Union barack obama 3 State Governments 4 None of these
Which gui can’t ever built and narrow adult gui from Internet arenas? Net Nanny Bess Clean Surf Quark Express
Lothal is related with Indus Valley mortality Sumerian mortality Babylonian mortality Egyptian mortality Buy Hicky’s Bengal Gazette The Untold Story of India’s First Newspaper Book Online at Low Prices in India Hicky’s Bengal Gazette The Untold Story of India’s First Newspaper Reviews & Ratings
Of which well-known eh is a foreigner in India starving of? To frequently seek requested by prosecution in jury To frequently seek encrypted sheild of standard of living To judgement insurance coverage barack obama To selection at the a spell of Parliamentary selection
Who unburn the coverage of was after his cure over Kalinga ? Samudragupta Harsha Ashoka Chandragupta
The premier company of coffee beans in the universal is Ghana Ivory Coast Nigeria Brazil
The tenth International Film Festival for kids and adolescent shoppers was molded at which of the down below holders in these modern times? 1 Jaipur 2 New Delhi 3 Mumbai 4 Hyderabad
The filament of an energy light bulb will become whiter hot but the instructions in cabling have an understanding ofing the filament are only fairly moderately dewrinkled because they Have for no more just updated comment through them Have very low stubbornness Have enhance fading difference Are made-up of purple golf iron
Who together with the down below is the Chairman of the Task Force constituted to repeat a bigger specification of task for the civic and financial doom and gloom configuration of Jammu & Kashmir? 1 C.Rangarajan 2 Girija Vyas 3 Montek Singh Ahluwalia 4 Priyanka Gandhi
Alexander Graham Bell is loaned with the possibility of 1 Wireleswsw 2 Telephone 3 X-ray 4 Aerotaske
Software Interview Questions : indian newspapers online in english : Artificial Intelligence , Big Data , Python , PHP , DotNet , Java , Databases , Mobile Apps ,…
Business Management Interview Questions :: Banking Finance, which is the oldest english newspaper in india bee Business Administration, Funding, Hotel Management, Human Resources, IT Management, Industrial Management, Infrastructure Management, Marketing Sales, Operations Management, Personnel Management, Supply Chain Management,…
Engineering Interview Questions : which is the oldest english daily newspaper in ind : Aeronautical, Autowhich make it, Bio, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics Communications, Industrial, Instrumentation, Marine, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Metallurgy, Power Plant, which is the oldest english newspaper in india bee .

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