Yesterday’s big victory was hearty, but it was just a preseason game. The opponents were back-to-back, lineup rotation, and the new substitute goalkeeper Dansk was only 19 years old. It is normal to have such a big score. After the game, the head coach IVAN also said in an interview, “This game is really good, how to play it, but now I am most concerned about the injury of Park Foo, this is only the preseason”, Paid the price of the main winger’s injury, cast a thick shadow on the victory of this game.

Hitting the side is likely to cause a concussion, and the Russian side is very cautious. After all, there have been previous incidents that hit the side temples and caused the death of players.

In all fairness, this game seems to be under great pressure from losing 1-7 in the last game. “The biggest gain of this game today is that after we lost 1-7 in the game, the players in this game responded appropriately. This kind of momentum is more important.” This is what the head coach IVAN said in an interview after the game. What can be seen is that today, the Chinese men’s ice and Kunlun Hongxing played all the main players, fully blooming, all three groups scored, and two players scored twice. The good thing is that with the start of the regular season, the players are in a very good state. The worry is whether this state has come too early.

Ying Rudi (No. 65) assisted with the second goal, driving the four local groups to perform well

The team’s requirements for details are very high today. The four groups of Chinese local players performed very well and basically completed the coach’s tactical deployment. Ying Rudi assisted for the second goal. Zhang Zesen and Guo Ning both made fouls. The fouls made by Zhang Zesen also helped the team score the goal. At least in terms of tactical execution, the three local players performed much better than the previous few games. It is worth mentioning that the defender Yan Ruinan made a mistake in the second quarter, which caused the loss of the ball, and was then placed on the bench by the head coach for most of the time, despite the large score leading; therefore, this coach is very careful about the details. The requirements are very high. If you don’t implement my tactics and you make a mistake and lose the ball, you will be punished accordingly. According to the schedule, coupled with the injuries of Fushuai and others, it is estimated that many local Chinese players will go into battle. However, local players need to be more focused on the details of execution and avoid making mistakes in order to have more playing and playing. Opportunity to exercise.

Shen Jialei of Princeton performed very well

At 7:00 this evening, the Chinese national men’s ice hockey team and Kunlun Hongxing will usher in the 10th game of preparation for the Winter Olympics. (50 games have been played 20%, time is so fast) The opponent is the previous one win and one defeat warrior Team, the Warriors rested for a day, Kunlun Hongxing will be back to back, with higher physical requirements. This time I will be live broadcast on Kuaishou, Kuaishou (longmouhockey). At present, the broadcast atmosphere of Kuaishou is good, but the monitoring is strict, and it is always blocked; but Penguin Sports, the broadcast effect is good, but the atmosphere is not good, and there is not much people to communicate. You can vote for the live broadcast platform in September. Everyone brings more games.

Tell me about your opponent.

Last night, the men’s ice hockey qualifiers for the Beijing Winter Olympics started in rounds. The International Olympic Committee paid great attention to it. The Olympic Channel broadcasted the whole process, which was very impressive.

Gresky led NHL stars to Nagano, Canadian athletes went to the airport to chase stars

In the men’s group, the same top group swept 6-0, and the first class A defeated. It seems that Latvia has a good chance to come to Beijing. Defeated 2-1, and from Group A and Group B, the lowest ranked 22nd ranked 1-0 and finished the qualifying favorites. The top group, the former Seven Heroes of the Warring States Period, Slovakia has the opportunity to participate in the Winter Olympics for the fourth time in a row. Main game; defeated all the Korean teams except the goalkeeper 4-1, and was almost the biggest star of the game with an annual salary of over 10 million from the NHL Los Angeles Kings Kopitar with a 4-1 lead. After catching up, they narrowly defeated their opponents 4-3 in the end, and will compete for the final qualification to come to China.

Polish upset

The other heavy news is that according to different sources of intelligence, the NHL and IOC have reached an agreement for NHL stars to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics men’s ice competition, which will be officially announced in the near future. This will be the 6th time that NHL players have participated in the men’s ice competition of the Winter Olympics since the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. The Olympic men’s ice competition will become the most important event in world ice hockey.

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