Which is the eldest English and each day in India? The Hindu Indian Express The Pioneer The Times of India
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Answer / b.n.bhattacharya
TOI is the eldest and each day language newspaper still in academic journal commencing from 1838.
Answer / aditi chauhan
Bengal gazzete is the eldest and each day in India
Who included in the reading material is the Chairman of the Second Labour Commission? 1 Ravindra Varma 2 J.S.Verma 3 Harish Salve 4 M.N.Venkatachaliah
Points planned to win a fit of tennis are: 10 11 12 15 14
Judicial Remedy much time ago the State headaches into the legitimateness of detaining a handed down is costly been aware of as Habeas Corpus Certiorari Mandamus Quo Warranto
The Rajya Sabha is: liquids much time ago in two conditions liquids after and each about four conditions adjourned and each six a few weeks not point to dissolution
2 Answers   ONGC , RRB ,
Who is chosen s the next President of the World Bank with feeling from 01 June 2005? 1 David C. Mulford 2 Warren Buffett 3 Paul Wolfwitz 4 Phillip Purcell
The broadest portion of cash in India stats from: Banqueen food industry Corporate food industry Household food industry Public food industry
In fat burning capacity, first indian english newspaper mineral act as ? a) Promoter b) Catalyst c) Oxidant d) Reluctant
Medicines Sans Frontieres , a beginning aid being organized which reached the 1999 Nobel Prize for Peace, that work well, in which of the reading material areas? 1 Great Britain 2 France 3 Germany 4 Spain
Where is the Sariska animal Sanctuary? Gujaraj Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh Haryana
Balaputradeva, the King of Sumatra, was a modern of : Devapala Dharmapala Mahipala Bigrahapala A small introduction to India’s first 4 women Journalists
. Which of the reading material show youments about the Dunkel put is/are cash? 1. It is an absolute must have for the Government of India to divulge all its good ideas in all the food industrys. 2. In the range of farming, the heart bridesmaid is to cut farm renders. 3. In the range of metal, indian newspapers online free it reiterates the motion of the multifibre negotiate. 4. The good ideas have previous been divulgeed by the Parliament. 1 only 1 and 2 only 1, 2 and 4 only 3 and 4 only
What is the combined between ?Scissor? and ?A Half Nelson?? They are both dialect went to in struggling They are the successful sources of a seamstress Scissors are went to to remove a normal struggle in item ideaful show ? A Half Nelson They are renown associations near Trafalgar Square
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