Last night, the Wuhan Three Towns team ushered in the 16th round of the Chinese A League at the Hankou Cultural and Sports Center. The opponent was the Nanjing City team. In the first round of the confrontation between the two sides, the Nanjing City team reversed 2-1 and beat the Wuhan Three Towns team. The two sides played against each other again in this campaign. The Wuhan Three Towns team not only hoped to have revenge, but also wanted to use the shoulders of the Nanjing City team to continue to hit the top three in the standings. As a result, after 90 minutes, the Wuhan Three Towns team almost capsized in the gutter, relying on Malkang’s head hammer in the 90th minute, a difficult 2-2 tie with Nanjing City.

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After the game, Pedro, the acting coach of the Wuhan Three Towns team, said in an interview with the media that he was not very satisfied with the 2-2 draw. Pedro said: “I am not very satisfied with the scores, but throughout the course of the game, we fell behind from 0 to 2 to equalize the score in the last 10 minutes. Our players always adhere to their beliefs, continue to maintain the offense and the impact on the opponent. This is worthy of recognition. It should be said that the players have played their own style, but unfortunately they have also lost a lot of opportunities. We need to better grasp this point.”

85 minutes before the game, the Wuhan Sanzhen team could not attack for a long time, the offensive routine had already been seen through by the opponent, and the score could not be reversed for a long time. In the last 10 minutes, the Wuhan Three Towns team woke up like a dream, and frequently used the high ball to rush to find the fulcrum in front of Malkang. As a result, it was with Maer Kang’s header that helped the Wuhan Three Towns team a difficult draw with the Nanjing City team. Regarding the performance of the substitute players on the field, the acting coach of the Wuhan Three Towns team, Pedro expressed affirmation. He said: “We have a lot of major players on the bench. In difficult moments of the game, we can use these 5 Substitutions, personnel adjustments, and their presence on the field can also quickly help the team. We want to emphasize that when the team is behind, all of our players have never lost their beliefs, not just Sang Yifei. With Malcon, everyone insisted on attacking at the last moment, and finally created a chance to equalize.”

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