1. The goal of the team’s operation:

Hit the playoffs

2. Last season review:

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Raptors were unable to return to Toronto to play, and could only temporarily set their home court in Tampa on the South Coast. Although maintaining a certain degree of competitiveness throughout the season, the Raptors have encountered a lot of injuries and epidemics. Kyle Lowry, Pascal Siakam, Fred Van Fleet and OG-Anunobi missed 91 games in total.


Head coach Nick Nas has done a great job, and the team is in the middle of the league rankings on both offense and defense. Chris Boucher was the Raptors’ biggest discovery last season. In addition, the Raptors paid Norman Powell and got an important role player Gary Trent Jr. The team is not strong, but the team’s toughness is worthy of respect. In the lottery draw, the Raptors won the 4th pick.

3. Lineup changes during the offseason:

1. Point guard

Crew: Fred Van Vleet, Goran Dragic, Malach Flynn

Introduction: Goran Dragic

Leaving: Kyle Lowry

2. Flank


Crew: OG-Anunobi, Gary Trent ($54 million in 3 years) Scotty Barnes, Yuta Watanabe, David Johnson, Justin Champenney, Ish Wayne Wright Isaac Bonga

Introduced: Scottie Barnes (No. 4 pick in the first round) David Johnson (47th pick in the second round), Isaac Bonga, Ish Wayne Wright, Justin Champenney ( Two-way contract)

Leaving: DeAndre Bembury, Rodney Hood, Paul Watson

3. Insider

Personnel: Pascal Siakam, Chris Boucher, Presius Achuwa, Ken Birch, Freddie Gillespie, Dalarno Bandon, Sam Decker

Introduced: Presius-Achuwa, Dalarno-Banton, Sam Decker

Leaving: Aaron Baynes

The Raptors feat Kyle Lowry joined the Heat in the form of signing first and then trading in exchange for Goran Dragic. Lowry is also the leader of the Raptors locker room, and his departure will have a significant impact on the team. Dragic has been plagued by injuries in recent seasons, and whether it can help the team is worth seeing. Malachi Flynn is a good backup point guard who is currently in the process of growing and is getting better and better.

The point guard position is significantly weakened, but the wings have been improved. The combination of Trent and Barnes is very exciting, both offensive and defensive have their own strengths, and make up for each other. Like Bangka and Johnson, the signing risk is relatively small, and the team can look for the most suitable candidates from the substitute players.

The power forward position basically maintained last year’s lineup, Pascal Siakam needs to have a more stable performance; the center has improved. Baines moved too slowly, and the Raptors obtained the athletic Achuwa through Lowry’s trade. Boucher made a big splash last season, but he is not yet a very mature player. The two young men are expected to continue to improve through healthy competition.

4. Outlook for next season:

The Raptors did not reflect that bad record last season, mainly due to injuries. In addition, the team’s inability to return to Toronto is also a major factor. President Marseille Ujiri said that playing outside has set the Raptors back a few years. Back in a normal season, we have a chance to see the Raptors compete with most teams in the East. As long as all members are healthy, the Raptors have the ability to directly enter the playoffs and will compete for the top six in the Eastern Conference with the Hawks, Knicks, Celtics, and Heat.

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