Italy’s “Roma Sport” reported that Inter Milan has just rejected Tottenham’s offer for Lautaro with a total price of 95 million euros, and Lautaro is expected to remain in Inter Milan.

The report pointed out that Lautaro has always been Tottenham’s striker recruiting target. Their latest offer for Lautaro is a fixed fee of 85 million euros + a floating bonus of 10 million euros, with a total transaction price of 95 million euros, but The offer was rejected by Inter Milan.

The report also pointed out that after the high price of Lukaku sold to Chelsea, Inter Milan will keep Lautaro, Lautaro himself also has the willingness to stay. In the next few weeks, Inter Milan will focus on Lautaro’s contract renewal.

Lautaro Martinez, 23, played 48 games for Inter Milan last season, scoring 19 goals and 7 assists.

By kygloo

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